Anasoft Consulting Pty Ltd was founded in 2005 when we, due to a change in employment conditions, took the time to reassess our lives and what we were doing.  Consulting had been our focus for the last 5 years, but, with 4 children it was not where we saw ourselves in 10 years.

A drive to provide the market with better solutions started with trying to provide solutions for our family.  We have developed quite a diverse number of products and the company has grown quickly over the last few years and we are looking forward to a further increase in our portfolio over the next 5 years.

There is a distinct focus on taking the best out of what we have learnt during our lives and trying to bring back some of that into society today.  Our education software goes back to basics, while our screensaver software is a stunning visual experience based on a Skeleton in a graveyard!  Sounds a little strange?  Absolutely.  But that sums up our market proposition, and we hope to be able to continue to deliver along these same lines.  Creativity over conformity will always be our motto, with an emphasis on simplicity of solution.

Based in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, we have grown from a single person operation to small company with more than 10 people spreading from incredibly talented Animators, Graphic Artists and Developers, while still continuing to provide IT consulting services via the Melbourne based Bedrock MG (Bedrock Management Group).

Why don't you have a look around our portfolio?  There is little doubt there will be something of interest.  And keep your eyes our for our range of children's books "The Little Dragons" - coming in Q1 2010!